1. Foreigner visiting India should not attend a Conference/Workshop/Event unless an appropriate visa is obtained from missions/posts concern
  2. If a foreign national is arriving from a country which is having public health risk with regard to any condition which has been declared as public health emergency of international concern (PHEIC) by WHO, DG, then he/ she may be required to undergo medical screening or additional measures as decided by the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare.
  3. Don’t apply for Conference visa if your sole objective of visiting India is not to attend a conference / seminar or workshop being held in India and only intended to explore the possibilities of Business/employment/study/research etc.
  4. You should not be a persona-non-grata to the Government of India; or considered an undesirable person.
  5. You should have assured financial standing (the production of a return ticket and availability of sufficient money to spend during his stay in India).
  6. Foreign nationals granted Conference visa and OCI cardholders shall not be permitted to engage themselves in tabligh work unless they are granted specific permission by the Government of India. There will be no restriction in visiting religious places and attending normal religious activities like attending religious discourses. However, preaching religious ideologies, making speeches in religious places, distribution of audio or visual display/ pamphlets pertaining to religious ideologies, spreading conversion etc. will not be allowed.
  7. Participants of conferences /seminars/workshops who are not given permission to visit 'Restricted' or 'Protected' areas in India, or areas affected by terrorism, militancy and extremism etc. viz. Jammu & Kashmir and the North Eastern States (other than the States of Manipur, Mizoram and Nagaland) shall not violate this condition.
  8. Foreigners arriving from Yellow Fever (YF) endemic countries (or if he/she has visited any Yellow Fever (YF) endemic country during past 6 days) will be required to possess a valid certificate of Yellow Fever vaccination from an authorized vaccination centre.